Mark Fraser: Day One Hundred and Sixty Eight – Failed Competition Entry Take Two

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A couple of days ago I posted my failed competition entry. Well, the original version of it is actually much longer, and you can see that below.

This is a bit more rough and kind of incomplete. It would have been longer still, but after noticing that the competition was limited to 42 lines I scaled it back. An interesting look at the evolution of a piece of work, even if said piece of work isn’t the best.

Waves as black as ink rolled across the horizon,
Reflecting the watercolour sky.
We moved along the beach, hand in hand,
Borrowed bare feet burrowed in white sand
Embraced in a lovers tryst
whilst pearls danced at sea.

Above this wealthy ocean
is an even richer ceiling,
embedded with half a universe of jewels.
The golden sands of the day
turn into moon dust at night –
White and feathery,
Sparkling and bright
under the gaze of lunar light.

The rhythm of the ocean swayed
like Aphrodite’s hips.
Even at night the birds sing
keeping to the beat of the tide,
ensuring the obsidian ecosystem
moves in the circle of all things.
Their dark beaks darting into the murky tide,
ending aquatic life to the dark backdrop of the night.

Up in that night sky, stars burn
countless millions of miles away,
you and I
we look to the heavens,
and realise this all comes full circle.
The dust from these stars,
the dust on the moon,
becomes the sand at our feet
connected by cosmic grace,
akin to some intergalactic melody
each part played in harmony.

In the silence the pearl crested waves
Lap shells against the shore
and swim back out again
with the everlasting tide.
Against the shore as one, we stood,
staring out into ocean
completing the circle of nature’s unity –
this Earth began as star dust
and that is how it will truly end
and everything will begin again.

Off in the distance there is life on the pier,
generation rejoices with generation
dancing the night away.
From the beach we walk into the sea,
observing pentatonic cadence all around us
a great counter melody to this wonderful night.

Dawn crept in.
Slowly the dark night
turned into the brightest day.
We crept under the pier
sunlight’s beautiful crescendo
breathing new life into all.

See – not very good a slightly longer than it really should be.

I’ll have more cool stuff over the next week or so.

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