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Here it is, the work I did created for my (unsuccessful) junior copywriting job application. The brief was this; Create a recruitment campaign that spans a variety of media for a group of care homes called ParkWay Care Homes. Ideally, I was to touch on two different audiences, ‘the core’ – middle aged women with some caring experience, and ‘the new blood’ – the younger generation of carers-to-be, either with experience, or without. I was told to come up with whatever I could, and take every piece of paper I drew on along to the interview.

What I am presenting to you here are rather crudely made mock-ups of a press campaign, and an online banner advert. There are also two radio ads which were loved by both the executive creative director of the company I interviewed for, and the studio head of the regional office.

There was to be one more idea, which was presented to the interviewers, but was lost in transit, which was an Iphone app entitled iCare – The idea was that an old man/woman was to live in your smart phone for up to three days. It was basically a Tamagotichi. You looked after him/her, fed him/her, bathed him/her, and he/she called on you throughout your three days caring time whenever they needed help. It was a way to attract the ‘new-blood’ into thinking that a career choice in caring might be for them. A feature of the app was that alerts would be sent through to your phone at any time of the day or night, just as the alerts would be in real life. Although I worried it was incredibly tasteless, I was to rest assured that the idea was sound, and liked by both interviewers.

Alas, the job was not mine, but the pride I have in my work is, and the possibility for freelance work is ever prsesent.

Here’s a gallery showing off the press ads, and online ad. I stress that these are mere mock ups designed to show the basic outline and colour thoughts. The two radio ads feature afterwards in PDF format, and I implore you to look at them. Please. For me like. Ahhh, go on. I’ll disappear for three weeks if you don’t.

Radio – George and Frank

Radio – Karen and Pattsie

Constructive critism would be welcomed, but feel free to rip me into shreds. I think I need to get used to it!

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