Keith, G6NHU: Days 197, 198 and 199 – The RSGB Convention

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I started off on day #197 by working a few stations in some contest or other, I worked EC7DND, RM3Q, 4O3A, EA5GS and RY7Y on 20m followed by DQ60SAAR and DG1EA on 40m. After that I spoke to UT7Y, S53EO, RN3F and ER3CT back on 20m. Later in the day I had a nice chat with Tony, G0MBA on 10m and helped him set up his audio levels on a couple of microphones. I then worked Will, GB1HI on Lindesfarne on 40m and finished the day with a string of QSOs on 6m. I worked UT7Y for the second time in the same day, HA8IB, YO5LD, SP7VC, IZ5EME and finally SV9CVY.

I had four contacts on day #198, first I spoke to Peter, DL1BPK on 40m and then I moved to 20m to work IZ0BAK, Luca, II1ITA and IR9WFF, Pietro.

Finally I worked LA0HK, Gerry and DL/SP4ELN, Richard on 40m on day #199.

This year the RSGB Convention is on the 7th, 8th and 9th of October and I’ve now booked my tickets for this event. I failed to make it there last year and I was absolutely determined to make it this year so as soon as I realised the tickets were available to book, I did so. I’ll be heading over on the Friday afternoon and staying at the venue for two nights and am really looking forward to it. For the sake of the QSO365 project I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on a wireless to make a QSO or two on the Saturday as I won’t be at home on that day. All reports of the convention from 2010 were positive so I’m confident that this year will be as good.

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