Mark Fraser: Day Two Hundred and Four – Wasted

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I was speaking with a friend about this poem yesterday and I thought I’d post it here because, frankly, it’s essential reading. One of my favourites (you’ll probably struggle to find poets who don’t have high regard for Eliot in some way), and perhaps one of the greatest ever written. Certainly amongst the greatest written during the Modernist era, anyway.

The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot is a stunning piece of work. It’s quite long but it’s worth taking the time to read. I apologise for the rubbish link; it was the best I could find in a hurry. However it does have some notes on the text, which is cool cause it’s pretty densely packed with imagery, allusion, metaphor and symbolism.

So if, y’know, you’re at a loose end on a Saturday night I can think of few better ways to spend it than with Eliot’s magnum opus.

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