So Faroe Way

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I want to live here:

igloo unusual architecture faroe islands grass roof cute house

I’ve wanted to go to the Faroe Islands for years and seeing this awesome little igloo house with a grass roof has made me want to visit there even more.

faroe islands lagoon church cute houses architecture faroe islands awesome blue water

faroe islands faroese house grass roof cute countryside cottage faroe islands waterfall sea cliff beautiful car hire faroese

I once had a dream about the Faroe Islands where all of the rocks in the sea were really brightly coloured jewels and I was flying over the rocks, really fast and close. I can even remember how the springy, spongy grass felt as I sat on it in my dream, watching Puffins play on the jewel rocks below the cliff I was sat on. It was really windy and wild, but I felt really calm.

The pictures I’ve seen of the islands so far really remind me of the South island of New Zealand, particularly around Queenstown/Te Anau. Really lush and magestic, with terrifyingly awesome rocks rearing out of the water and heart-stopping cliffs dropping away from your path. The blue water also looks like the glacial water you get in New Zealand too. Beautiful. I have a thing for nordic-esque countries, though. I loved Sweden and Iceland when I visited those places, and I imagine the Faroe Islands to be quite similar, but with more of a small town feel to them.

I’m basing my entire knowledge of the islands on one dream and a quick flick through Google Images, but that’s enough for me for now. I know there are negatives, like the fact that the rocks in the sea aren’t made of Jewels, the Faroese kill whales and it probably rains even more there than it does in Leeds, but still.

Where would you live, if you could live anywhere?

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