Ciaran Watkins – It’s Not Easy Growing Old: Age UK

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Just a wee one today, and a rather enjoyable one at that! It seems I’ve been a little negative the past two posts, so here’s something a little light hearted, that should put a smile on even Ian Dransfield’s face (if that’s possible!).

It’s funny, light-hearted, and it features old people doing a dance, zooming around on mobility scooters, and generally being a bit boss. It’s feel-good advertising! Ignore the bad singing, and the folks who look terribly confused, and enjoy the message you’re being danced. It looks like it was great fun to shoot, and I’m sure everyone had a belting time, which is a rather good thing I hope.

Let me break it down for you Carol Vorderman style;

Good Avert + Fun + Old People Dressed As Superheroes = Happy Ciaran.

Well done Karamarama. I can finally forgive you for the Coleman’s ‘shake’ monstrosity. You know the one I mean. This shite. Enough of that though! Let’s all watch the old guy in the boat again. He’s my favourite.

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