Keith, G6NHU: Days 209 to 212 – IOTA

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I had one QSO on both days #209 and 210, I worked DL5MBY, Ulli on 20m RTTY and TP50CE, Francis on 40m respectively.

Days #211 and #212 were the Islands On The Air (IOTA) contest and this is an annual event that is very popular.  I had sort of hoped to be operating from GU land for it but my plans didn’t come together and so I had a play at home.  Before the contest started I worked DA0CW/P on 40m and then it all went a bit crazy on the bands.

I’m not going to list every person I worked during IOTA but suffice it to say that by dropping in and out throughout the two days I managed 155 QSOs, all by operating Search and Pounce.  I worked one new DXCC, that being J45K on Dodecanese and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.

It was really good to use my new TS-590S during the contest and it came through with flying colours.  The close in filtering was a real boon as the bands were very crowded and a number of times I had to wind the DSP in very tight to be able to work a station and I can’t praise it enough.  The receiver performance is far in excess of my old FT-847 and I’m happy that I made the right decision in buying the TS-590S as a replacement wireless.

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