I want a harmonica and a guitar and a band

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I’ve spent the evening pottering around listening to Violent Femmes and Joseph Arthur. It’s made me really want to get my hands on a harmonica and a guitar and form a band. I’m afraid the album artwork for my solo record has already been done by another band though (obv I’ll shoop the Aerosmith logo out, this is not Guilty Pleasure Friday):

aerosmith gems album cover gem jewels music rock

I first heard ‘Space Needle’ by Joseph Arthur at uni in about 2003/4, a boy/girl duo played a cover of it at a house show in Sheffield. I fell in love. At a similar time, my good friend gave me one of the best mixtapes I’ve ever received, which has ‘Kiss Off’ by Violent Femmes on it. I adore that song and to this day it remains one of my all time favourites. I love ‘Blister in the Sun’ too.

This is now leading me on a musical journey through Moldy Peaches and Plan-It-X records, via bands like Ghost Mice and now I just want to be in a band. Anyone fancy joining me? No musical talent or previous experience necessary, just the willing to travel around the country in a tiny van, sleeping on floors and playing empty back rooms of pubs.

I should really have done this ten years ago, but it’s never too late, right?

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