Mark Fraser: Day Two Hundred and Twenty – Conspiracy to Mixtape

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I’ve been writing against the clock today, but I’ve got a lot of shit heading your way in the next few days so it should be a pretty content rich week.

This week I was given the task of the Daily Dischord Monday Mixtape, which you can find by clicking on the image above. I think the image gives the theme away, but if it doesn’t just head on in there for the low down.

Anyway, moving on…

It’s pretty hard work running a music website. We’ve so many irons in the fire at the moment that it can be really difficult to keep the news as up to date as possible. It’s like a full time job in many respects. We get so many emails from people asking us to review this or that, interview X band, post news about Y release etc that keeping on top of it, whilst balancing work, studying and life in general that it can be hard.

I’m proud of what my cousin and I have achieved with Daily Dischord. I started the website with a few friends back in 2007. After about three months many of those who were once up for it jumped ship. People were expecting huge hits overnight but it didn’t happen. After I brought my cousin Liam on board we did what we could to keep it afloat, but eventually all of the work ended up in his hands. He was the lifeblood – he kept it going when no one else was interested.

The site died.

Through his academic pursuits my cousin crafted a brand new website from scratch as his honours project in university. Ironically, it’s not the site you see before you today, but without those skills the site simply would not be where it is today.

Daily Dischord owes everything to Mr. Spencer.

Since relaunching in October last year (with a whimper, as Liam was sunning himself in Spain) we’ve gone from strength to strength. Hits increase on a monthly basis, we’ve got actual writers – a team, if you will, we keep getting records sent to us from bands, PR companies try to flog stuff to us, we have a radio show, a following, and even a promotions arm.

2011 has been amazing for Daily Dischord and I’m so, so fucking proud of what we’ve achieved.

There’s more to come. We’re always coming up with new ideas, new ways to reach people and ways to differentiate ourselves from other webzines. As it stands, we make zero cash from the website. We’re dead against adverts (for the time being, but this may change soon). We’re completely opinionated and proud. We bend to no one. Never have, never will.

But we’re always willing to help people out, especially those in bands, record labels, PR companies and promoters who’re small fish but want to make waves in the big pond. That’s not to say we’re big fish ourselves; heavens no, but we know folk.

And I owe it all to my cousin.

There’s been times when I’ve questioned whether or not it matters to write about music these days, however I just need to take one look at our facebook page or our statistics to know that people do care.

So I keep on going.

I’ve been at this music journalism game since I was 16. I probably won’t give it up anytime soon.

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