Ciaran Watkins – Santa Should Never Wear Shorts: Pepsi

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Well shit, would you look at this?! A blog post. I’m not going to lie, I think I may have failed on the ‘one a day’ thing here, what with not posting for at least a little tiny bit more than ‘one day’, but I’ll probably come to some arrangement in my head. For now, you guys should read everything over at the One A Day Hub because those are the people that have, you know, lasted for more than half the year. Anyway, here’s an ad. Guess the product.

I’m sorry, what was that? Did Pepsi just name drop their main competitor in their adverts?! Yes. I think they did. Talk about brave. Actually, talk about a stroke of genius!

In this country, as most of you know, Christmas starts when someone bounds into a room/office/bar/whore house and shouts “I just saw the Coca Cola trucks on the T.V!!”, or at least that’s when I think Christmas truly begins. The problems with this theory can be numerous, like the fact I don’t actually watch that much television, or, well, hang out with many people who would say that to me, but it marks the beginning of my Christmas none the less.

In this ad, Pepsi have obviously taken a step back, realised that Christmas is Coca-Cola time, and aimed straight at the summer. I mean, there are no summer adverts from Coca Cola where everything is being delivered on a milk float, with a bikini clad woman winking at the end while taking an ever so slightly seedy/seductive gulp of a frosty cold beverage, are there? If there are, I’ve completely missed them!

In retrospect, this probably falls under the category of ‘wanky advertising’, which was something said to me by a Exec-CD at a meeting recently. Advertising for advertisers, to put it in a nicer term. This will impress creative teams and agencies, purely for the ‘wow’ factor of admitting fault with your own product (we get beaten by Coca-Cola at Christmas) and actually name-dropping your competitor in any sense that isn’t (“Inset brand name here” is shit). It’s a clever idea, it’s a fun idea, and who knows, as the colder weather comes around, it might jut be proven to have worked. We’ll have to wait for sales figures on that one though. Unfortunately for Pepsi, I’ll still be drinking Diet Coke whatever the weather. Why? All other fizzy colas taste like shit. No joke.

Here’s the second advert in the series, which while it fails in copy and script, it excels in the fact that it contains Polar Bears. Enjoy.

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