Pete Davison: Deluge

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There are so many awesome games coming out in the next few months that it is nigh on impossible to know where to start — especially when there’s a backlog sitting there mocking me, too.

For starters, the long-awaited Deus Ex: Human Revolution is out this week, and reviews have apparently been very positive. I’m pointedly ignoring them, though, as I find myself doing increasingly these days — I much prefer making my own mind up without having someone else’s opinion ringing in my ears when I do so. When I do this, I often find myself enjoying games that others might find not so good, and vice versa. It’s healthy to have an opinion that differs from others — particularly if you’ve developed it yourself.

But anyway; Deus Ex is one game that is very interesting. Xenoblade Chronicles is also very very interesting — for starters, it’s the first Wii game in forever that everyone has been excited about, and it also sounds like an awesome RPG.

Further down the road, there’s TrackMania 2, version 2.0 of The Witcher 2Guild Wars 2 and all manner of other stuff. Having seen Guild Wars 2 in action at Gamescom, that looks like a game that could very easily put everything else on hold by virtue of its awesomeness and multiplayerness. I enjoyed the first games a lot (though I never beat any of their campaigns) and appreciated the fact that it was an MMO with high production values that you didn’t have to pay money into every month.

Then there’s the various HD remakes inbound — the Ico and Shadow of the Colossuscollection and the Metal Gear package of particular interest — that make me want to revisit these titles. And Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, which makes me want to catch up on the rest of that series right now.

This isn’t even getting started on the excellent free to play games that are on the way —Star Trek: Infinite Space looking particularly excellent, and Perfect World’s Rusty Hearts, which I’ve already been playing the beta for.

It is both a great and a terrible time to be a gamer. Great for the sheer amount of choice, and terrible for the sheer amount of choice. At some point you have to shrug and admit to yourself that some titles are going to be sitting on that backlog for a long time to come yet — and some you might never get to at all.

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