Mark Fraser: Day Two Hundred and Seventy Nine – National Poetry Day!

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There’s a raft of events going on all around the UK for National Poetry Day today, but more importantly there’s some cool stuff on the Scottish Poetry Library website that’s worth checking out.

Above all poetry is still very much an oral artform. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really feel poetry is for them, going to a reading certainly helps put it into perspective. Hell, even just checking out a reading online allows for that.

I’ve written a poem for national poetry day that’s about poetry and the inspiration it has on me. Think of it as a condensed way of describing that path that lead me here. Three poets are referred too in it, as are their themes.

For the first time ever I have recorded a reading of one of my own poems. I hope you enjoy it.

The Rhyme

The first couple of lines were a revelation,
a bolt of lightning straight to my consciousness
highlighting order for the first time spoken,
order that before went unseen.
A collection of words at home in a manmade Eden,
bound with horses, Greek myths and majesty.

The next few lines were essentially nonsense:
sense found that were in a context placed?
They were followed by the lust of an apple
coming sensually to life,
I imagined it clearly
and immediately I grabbed it;
I’ve been in love ever since.
Echoes of beat poetry, Glasgow and great humility
sealed the calling of Strawberries in summer.

Finally, a trip to the Waste land blew me away,
in its elegiac prophecy I see a future of my own
even though each time I look upon it, eyes anew,
I see fear in a handful of dust,
my own fear at what I may not become.

These words, they dance to a beat of their own
a metre in four four time,
in rhyme, of reason, a pitch perfect feeling
singing songs and telling stories
of the poetry that stole my heart.

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