Mark Fraser: Day Two Hundred and Eighty Two – The End of the Night

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So here’s today’s ACTUAL post.

Just before dawn

As dawn approaches, the sodium vapour
burns a hole into what’s left of the night sky.
A fever comes on
to expel the drunk from my lungs,
cleansing my soul of night club shaped sins
followed by rain, rinsing the alcohol from my skin

Straddling daybreak, I ride through the streets
in a half inebriated sleep
watching the streets lights evaporate
one bulb after another
until silence falls all along the road.

Cars are frozen, suspended in time
my singed synapses tell me
they make a perfect handrail.
Pounding disco head beats a rhythm
that follows my pulsing ear drums
demanding a dance that my feet can’t follow

So I amble along the kerb
a few feet from home
then the sun breaks the sky
burning tired eyes
until I’m slotting a key into a wobbly door.

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