DreamPunk: Cloudy

Posted on November 1, 2011 by


Storage space is a currency of potential for me. Whenever I move into a new place I look at the drawers and cabinets, thinking “What could I fill these with?” The more compartmentalized a storage array is, the more appealing it is to me. Large storage capacities with inversely sized cosmetic footprints are also coveted. Deep cabinets set into a wall, for example. The workstation I sit at retracts into a closet so I can close the doors and forget it is even there. Delicious!

Digital storage holds a similar appeal. My two terabyte external drive is a tiny black library of universes. Worlds drift inside it. Years are spooled about its cores. Will it ever be full? Time will tell. With the recent popularity of cloud storage I find myself with gigabytes of potential floating out there. Somewhere in the heavens orbits the crystalline webwork which contains my data. Or so I envision it. I have vaults at Google, A2 Hosting, Amazon, DropBox, Apple, and Box.net. I feel the need to store particular data at particular places. My music is scattered between several locations. My documents as well. Some of these services are backup solutions. Some file sharing. I have a whole DropBox folder dedicated to board game rules! It is time to analyze each service and decide what goes where.

Beyond that, what *could* I be doing with all this space? What clever uses might there be?


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