Mark Fraser: Day Three Hundred and Twenty Five – ebooks

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I’ve nothing particularly profound to say about ebooks, except perhaps that I think they’re a great idea. With the rise of new technology, particularly tablet PCs and smartphones with nice big screens, it’s good to see vendors like Amazon etc roll out apps on mobile platforms. Taking your book collection everywhere you go.

However I can’t help but feel that these comments but Simon Armitage are a little…wrong. This kind of thing is already happening and has been happening for quite some time and guess what, writers are still making money.

Some writers at least, anyway. We’d all like to do something we love for a living, but many great writers still had/have to do other jobs to make ends meet. Any extra income is great, of course, but lets not pretend that every author makes a living from this.

Like many people in smaller bands, they do what they do because they love doing it, not because they want to earn tonnes of cash from doing it. Perhaps it’s just my “punk rock” attitude yet nevertheless, those who make money from books will continue to do so from ebooks, and those who don’t won’t.

As for his comments on poetry…poetry might very well be an artform that is outside of the mainstream, however it holds the same advantage as short stories in that it can be read in one setting. Some poetry might be dense and vague with obscured meaning but surely in an age of, as he puts it, ‘overinformation’ then it’s time for a resurgence?

That, though, is a conversation for another time.

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