Mark Fraser: Day Three Hundred and Sixty Two – Dice, Part IV

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Gradually it dawned on Mr Ivins that the cough was not simply coming from one person but that much of the room were now coughing. Growing slightly anxious about this, Ivins decided to pack up his things and leave. Pushing back his chair to get out from underneath the table, the man behind him also stood up, turned round and coughed blood onto Mr Ivins suit before collapsing onto the floor, shaking violently. All around him people got out of their chairs to investigate, each one of them coughing with flecks of blood coming from their mouths and noses.

“I think this man needs a-“  Edward tried to call for help but then he too started coughing. All around him people started falling to the floor and Edward found that he was not only negotiating tables and chairs but also fallen bodies on his way to the exit. Finding it increasingly difficult to move, Edward attempted to cross the room to the door but failed to get very far. He felt his chest tightening up whilst he struggled to take a breath. Falling to his knees he caught a glimpse of the man in the black suit who had attracted his attention before. Bodies crumbled to the floor, people panicked and attempted to flee. People were falling over one another convulsing; some of them attempted to scream yet it was all in vain, screams replacing with frustrated gargling sounds. In the middle of it all was this man standing with the same morose look on his face, people now clawing at his legs as he advanced through the throng towards the exit. The identity of this man dawn on Edward as he released what his presence meant  and it became clear to him what he had to do.

With every single ounce of strength left his body, Edward pulled himself up, blood dripping from his mouth, attempting to control the convulsions that were threatening to pull his body back down to the floor. The man turned to look at Edward, shocked that he was able to stand given his condition. He looked around him and noticed that it was only he and Edward who standing in a cafeteria strewn with bodies. Edward launched himself at the man and pulled him to the ground, both men falling to the floor on a blanket of corpses. It took the man a moment or two to register this and by the time he had tried to fight Edward off, it was too late. Ivins was now singularly focused on one task – to kill this man, to stop him from committing such atrocities elsewhere. Using all of the remaining strength he could gather Edward wrestled with the man, fighting his way on top of him, screeching and clawing at him as he spat and coughed blood, bringing his hands around his neck and squeezing as tight as he could.

The man tried to fight back but to no avail. Despite his weakened state Edward seemed to have an almost supernatural strength, squeezing the man’s neck as hard as he could until his body slowly gave up fighting and his eyes rolled back into his head, a look of terror on his face Edward held on as long as he could, spluttering and squirming as he straddled the man’s now lifeless body. Eventually he gave into the convulsions and collapsed on top of him, keeping both hands around his neck.

As the light in his eyes faded, Mr Edward Ivins thought of his daughter and those dice cufflinks, eventually coming to realise that no plan in the world could ever have accounted for this. In a place where order and routine reigned supreme, at precisely 13.23pm on Wednesday April 20th 2011 Mr Edward Ivins broke from his schedule to save the world on his lunch break. The world has never been the same since.

And so we reach the conclusion of Edward Ivins story. I enjoyed writing this, even if I have perhaps overwritten the end a little. I’m sure this’ll be sorted as I redraft it further. enjoy!

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