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“How strange this fear of death is! We are never frightened at a sunset.”

George McDonald

And we weren’t scared. Not tonight.

Not of the amazing flood of colour into the white sky this evening.

I didn’t take a picture, I just wanted to remember how it looked forever. People in the office drawn to the window; for once not by a noise of a skirmish or a nosy, but instead drawn to the amazing arcs of pink and orange and dusky red, bleeding openly, profusely; into a swirling, inky sky.

A lava lamp over LS5.

Kirkstall Brewery silhouetted like a cut-out velvet dress pattern against molten gold.

As soon as the sunset arrived, it departed; leaving trails of suset fingers dipping into the violet black of a January night.

I didn’t have a camera to hand to capture it, but I wanted to remember how shocked I was at how shocked I could be by something that has happened every day since forever ago and will continue to do so forever again.

Twitter exploded into its own sunset of sunsets shortly after night fell. Some people had caught it in part, but almost everyone said that no photograph could do it justice. Here are some of my favourites:

twitter sunset 12th january 2012 leeds

amazing sunset over london 12th january 2012 twitter

sunset over leeds january 2012 amazing sky

sunset in leeds january 2012 beautiful photo scenery


All photos via Twitter.

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