The Wall

Share your public messages of support to all the participants here on this page! And don’t forget to donate your time or money using the links in the sidebar if you really want to show your appreciation.

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  1. Good luck everyone! Only a couple of days to go before we start!

  2. First one done, looking forward to readin everyone elses!

  3. No other german participants? Gibt es keine deutschen Teilnehmer?

    • I’m half German, I married a quarter German, and my surname is German (Trutwein), does that count?

      Ich bin halb deutsch, verheiratet ich einem Viertel aus Deutschen, und mein Nachname ist Deutsch (Trutwein), zählt das?

      • Das zählt schon! Aber wer postet noch in deutsch?

        Oh yes, that really counts! But are here any paticipants posting in german?

  4. Not sure about the Germans, but there are at least two Malaysians!

  5. Oof – day two and I got my entry in with less than a minute to spare. Yay adrenaline crash!

    • I won’t tell you that a lot of people interpret a “day” as “any time, so long as it’s before you go to bed”, then. 🙂

  6. What I learned tonight: “Don’t work on more than one text at the same time. Nevertheless if doing so, then check exactly what is in the clipboard and what you paste and post!”

  7. All going well so far – keep it up people!

  8. Every time I click this link, I think of Pink Floyd…

  9. Do you count the total number of posts done by the participants?


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