Gemma Critchley: Cosmic relief

Posted on March 19, 2011 by


Okay, so tonight there is an alleged ‘Supermoon’ that will be very close to earth. I know very little about the subject, so the base of my knowledge for this post is solely the #supermoon hash tag on Twitter, the stuff Professor Brian Cox has been saying and the mumblings of a few conspiracy theorists.

Firstly, I’m assuming that this ‘supermoon’ is, in fact, the same moon that normally orbits the earth. I can’t imagine that we’ll be getting a brand new moon getting involved with the orbit of the earth for one night only. That definitely doesn’t make sense. So why are people calling it the Supermoon? Surely it’s just ‘The Moon’?

Secondly, people keep banging on about how the moon caused the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand and how everything’s gone tits up because of it. I know this is not the case, for Brian Cox declared it so, and he is all-seeing, all-knowing, all-good. So people can stop worrying. Yes, everything is going to the wall, but don’t blame the moon. It can’t help it.

Finally, how can anyone blame the moon for planning to conspire against Earth and rein terror using its evil gravitational pull? It generally finds it quite difficult to even string a sentence together. How can this chap be blamed for breaking the planet?

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